Saturday, July 10, 2010

wetin my eye see

Yesterday i was on my own jejeje coming back from lunch when all of a sudden i heard loud sirens behind me. i bein wan run but i just hold my side, come maintain.It was our own First lady on her way to commission something something,and as i stood and watched i noticed they were slowing down and the hullaballoo was getting closer and closer to where i was.Trust me tatafo no 1, i quickly donned my serious girl look and before you could say jack sparrow i was part of the entourage, feeling like a journalist ansd snapping away.All those years of going to the library as a little girl and borrowing only Enid Blyton's Secret Seven and Famous Five were finally paying, i should say. snap snap snap lolz!
Mummy { as we call all our first ladys and governor's wives and commissioner's wives,even if we old pass them well well,as far as dem fit dash us something dem don turn our mummy.local government chairman wife sef na mummy} was here to commission Safe Delivery For Mothers, a programme aimed at reducing death rates amongst pregnant mothers especially those in the rural areas.The place was swarming with Governor's wives,minister's wives and all the female powers that be in Naija.Not to small thing oh! wetin my eye see. i come dey wonder when me sef go come be like these women,my time dey come i know.
Dame Patience is indeed very lucky, with all that slowly rising up from a College of Education lecturer's wife, to a deputy governor's wife, to a governor's wife, to a Vice President's wife and finally the over all prize a President's wife and i'm not a fan of that name 'patience'.Well, lesson learnt.
Enuff rants sue,give me pics i want pics! lolz!!

eyez right!!

mummy don come

hey its his job!!

okada ejo oh

all those women in pink shirts are pregnant mothers


  1. One day, one day we will all get there

  2. Sisi Yemmie I say a very very Big AMEN to that!