Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Black is Beautiful

Hmn....seems like it was just yesterday that 6th was here, and already its 31st and we're already saying goodbye to july. 6th was the day i gushed out from mamma's womb, all dark and tiny and screaming my lungs out, {well that's what momsy told me} and believe you me I'm still a fighter,a screamer, I cant fit carry last na! for naija??? na lie!
When I was born I was so dark that everyone called me "blacky" from day one. My big sis, rest her soul, was also a blacky but I was the master blacky. Mum is not so dark but Pop is and he made sure he gave his daughters enough skin colour.
As a little girl growing up, being a smally and blacky was easy, since I was very bright and sharp, reading big big books way before my peers, answering all the questions in class correctly, being the first to open bible passages in church and reading it so neat at such little age, making my parents so proud of me cos everytime after church people would walk up to them, praising that their small blacky daughter and always asking "how old is she?"
Well that na small pikin time. As an adult I tell you being a blacky is not easy, when light skin is being flaunted everywhere?? when almost all the adverts on tv na fair babes dem dey use, almost all the babes in entertainment na fair babes, club nko? na dat side the thing pain me pass, if I no wear shine shine cloth and enough lip gloss for my mouth my bobo no go see me at all! Not to small thing oh!
That's why I respect dark women that make it in Naija's Entertainment Industry, the likes of Mo Abudu, Joke Silva , Kate Henshaw Nuttal, Funlola Aofiyiebi Raimi, and my heroine of all time, Genevieve Nnaji and all the many more dark women holding their side strongly in the game. I hear Genevieve was even denied a role when she was still upcoming simply because they needed a fair babe for the role,{ na gist oh i dont know how true it is} and I'm happy that dark skin is so selling in the modelling world, with the likes of Alec Wek and all those other dark skinned beauties doing their thing on the runway and making millions from being black {if only I was taller with broader shoulders, dreams dreams dreams}
In all I'm happy I get lovely catcalls everywhere I go, with names like 'my color' and 'black beauty' following me all about especially in market places. lol! So I really do appreciate this my ebony, i dont need expensive creams, i don't get sunburnt, my imperfections and scars that refuse to dissapear are perfectly hidden and above all my man is madly, crazily, uncontrollably going gaga about me so mmnnn what a happy happy world! Goodbye July see you next year!

P:S na the ebony black be dis,hope you likes..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mr Incredible and Egberi Popsy's 'LIfe Anagaga'

I just finished listening to one of Timaya's new track featuring M.I titled Life Anagaga.That's ibo for life dey go dey go.that is to say no matter what happens and is happening, life just keeps on going.How true!
I woke up this morning with deep thoughts plaguing me, you know the usual what ifs. What does tomorrow have in store for me?, what if I don't succeed? what if this and what if that? and then I hear M.I's voice on the radio announcing the Egberi Popsy,and i'm like that's new,and immediately I was distracted from my thoughts.
The song generally talks about life and its hustles,when there was no money then and now there's so much you don't know what to do with it, also comparing life to an 'Onyeburu'. I really do not know the literal meaning of onyeburu but i know those days in Portharcourt,growing up, we always heard of onyeburu.They were men who go to houses that do not have decent latrine systems and who defecate in buckets,and at night the onyeburu comes to carry the buckets of human waste to throw away {disgusting job but how man go do?}. So in those days in primary school, if someone insults you that 'ya papa na onyeburu' you go cry till school go close!
Well back to Timaya's song, he says 'onyeburu na turn by turn' meaning today will be my turn to lift sh@%&*t, tomorrow will be your turn. Reminds me of the famous Ecclesiastics 3 passage which says There's a time for everything.
Somehow somehow,the song got to me and revived my low spirits cos I got to thinking that if better days are not here right now life still goes on, and not seeing better days now doesn't mean they won't come tomorrow,after all 'Onyeburu na turn by turn' . So chill, relax, maintain,cool down, cos this life, Omo na turn by turn.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Nigeria {North East West South}


from the south,the famous Fantuo Nembe creek in Bayelsa

to the west,the famous triplets storey buildings in Lagos

to the east,the famous River Niger Bridge at Onitsha

and then to the north,the famous Zuma rock at Suleija.

Abuja rains

....and the gods are still showering us with the rats and mice rains
....five days counting now

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My own Affang soup

Peoples!!!! how y'all doing??? its been raining rats and mice since yesterday know what i mean? the type of rain that drizzles all day and never stops.You dont get wet ,just very cold and irritated.
I decided to make the best out of a very gloomy saturday, how? by preparing a delicacy i enjoy very much,my own affang soup,not the conventional affang we all know but in my own little way i have discovered a not so big secret in making my affang much more interesting and very very delicious.And i a'int sharing!! lol.
Anyways its gots lots of greens as usual,with loads of red pepper,a very massive chunk of kpomo {who no know kpomo na you know} just some little red meat and some dry fish,no stockfish and my secret ingredient.
It comes out looking swell and super, I down it with a plate of boiled rice no eba nor poundi, just hot white rice with a bottle of chilled coke 50cl, rub my bloated belly smile and relax in front of the tv. Now that's my idea of heaven
So i'm off to the kitchen now cos there's this aroma calling out to me and i've got to answer. Later peoples and..... enjoy....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Erborean Beauty.

Just stumbled upon these pics and decided to share.These beauties are from a tribe called Erbore in Southern Ethiopia.Hope you likes...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

friends for benefits

Some people never just learn to say no.... i dont wanna be friends with you....hello?????
Get it! when you come to see me i dont leave what i'm doing to talk to you! when you call my phone I don't take your calls.and you know why i dont wanna be friends with you? cos all you do when you come over is call your boyfriends and spend time chatting with them while your husband sits at home thinking you're with your friend. You dont come to see me cos you want to,you come to see me cos there's something up your sleeve,my crib is just the perfect alibi for your fun times like you call them.
Well nobody forced you to get married,nobody says you shouldnt make the best out of your marriage.Nobody says cheating on your husband is the best escape from problems at home.
Point is why are so many many married women these days having extra marital affairs,and also publicly flaunting it? gone are the days when it was just the men that have exrta marital affairs, gone are those days when it was just a man's world,today most women are boldly having affairs and openly flaunting it,or what else would you call it when a well known married woman walks out of a hotel at an ungodly hour laughing and giggling girlishly with a man who's not her husband by her side??
What's my take in all of this? a woman should never never never ever cheat on her man no matter his crime.We are demi goddesses, we create and carry beings in us for nine months,we give life and nuture them,we replenish the earth.We should keep ourselves holy and hallow, and not to be influenced by society and all its norms and vices.Well that's just my own point,it will be good for some and bad for some.
Anyhu just some pics from the south depicting our rainy days, enjoy...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

wetin my eye see

Yesterday i was on my own jejeje coming back from lunch when all of a sudden i heard loud sirens behind me. i bein wan run but i just hold my side, come maintain.It was our own First lady on her way to commission something something,and as i stood and watched i noticed they were slowing down and the hullaballoo was getting closer and closer to where i was.Trust me tatafo no 1, i quickly donned my serious girl look and before you could say jack sparrow i was part of the entourage, feeling like a journalist ansd snapping away.All those years of going to the library as a little girl and borrowing only Enid Blyton's Secret Seven and Famous Five were finally paying, i should say. snap snap snap lolz!
Mummy { as we call all our first ladys and governor's wives and commissioner's wives,even if we old pass them well well,as far as dem fit dash us something dem don turn our mummy.local government chairman wife sef na mummy} was here to commission Safe Delivery For Mothers, a programme aimed at reducing death rates amongst pregnant mothers especially those in the rural areas.The place was swarming with Governor's wives,minister's wives and all the female powers that be in Naija.Not to small thing oh! wetin my eye see. i come dey wonder when me sef go come be like these women,my time dey come i know.
Dame Patience is indeed very lucky, with all that slowly rising up from a College of Education lecturer's wife, to a deputy governor's wife, to a governor's wife, to a Vice President's wife and finally the over all prize a President's wife and i'm not a fan of that name 'patience'.Well, lesson learnt.
Enuff rants sue,give me pics i want pics! lolz!!

eyez right!!

mummy don come

hey its his job!!

okada ejo oh

all those women in pink shirts are pregnant mothers

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just Updating...

Ok,so its been almost a week since i updated,but if you dey this line and you no wan plagiarise you go know say sometimes to pick up ur lappy and update sef na wahala,with all the palaver and troubles man pikin dey face for this our naija everyday,to come pick up lappy yarn sef dey tire person.
Tuesday was my birthday and i didnt even blog,i didnt celebrate and i didnt even open that red wine i've been saving since for the day.i hear you drink red wine at room's temperature but for naija most of us prefer the thing very chilled,after all that grooving who wan drink room temperature drink na? so me i love my red wine very cold and in the fridge all night long.Back to my birthday and the wine in the fridge
well i didnt celebrate cos all my peeps were far away and i cant dream of celebrating alone,so thats what happened and i nearly didnt take pics even but as i was coming home from work i remembered that all i took were phone pics so i quickly dashed into one studio and took some pictures just to remember the usual i was looking so lekpa ish but i liked!! will upload when i'm done transfering, meanwhile here are some pics i stashed somehweres on my lappy,from one of my numerous trips around.Enjoy...

from the south { a basin of fish freshly caught from the antlantic}

from the north { a yarinya hawking fura de nunu Lolz!}