Saturday, July 24, 2010

My own Affang soup

Peoples!!!! how y'all doing??? its been raining rats and mice since yesterday know what i mean? the type of rain that drizzles all day and never stops.You dont get wet ,just very cold and irritated.
I decided to make the best out of a very gloomy saturday, how? by preparing a delicacy i enjoy very much,my own affang soup,not the conventional affang we all know but in my own little way i have discovered a not so big secret in making my affang much more interesting and very very delicious.And i a'int sharing!! lol.
Anyways its gots lots of greens as usual,with loads of red pepper,a very massive chunk of kpomo {who no know kpomo na you know} just some little red meat and some dry fish,no stockfish and my secret ingredient.
It comes out looking swell and super, I down it with a plate of boiled rice no eba nor poundi, just hot white rice with a bottle of chilled coke 50cl, rub my bloated belly smile and relax in front of the tv. Now that's my idea of heaven
So i'm off to the kitchen now cos there's this aroma calling out to me and i've got to answer. Later peoples and..... enjoy....

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