Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Black is Beautiful

Hmn....seems like it was just yesterday that 6th was here, and already its 31st and we're already saying goodbye to july. 6th was the day i gushed out from mamma's womb, all dark and tiny and screaming my lungs out, {well that's what momsy told me} and believe you me I'm still a fighter,a screamer, I cant fit carry last na! for naija??? na lie!
When I was born I was so dark that everyone called me "blacky" from day one. My big sis, rest her soul, was also a blacky but I was the master blacky. Mum is not so dark but Pop is and he made sure he gave his daughters enough skin colour.
As a little girl growing up, being a smally and blacky was easy, since I was very bright and sharp, reading big big books way before my peers, answering all the questions in class correctly, being the first to open bible passages in church and reading it so neat at such little age, making my parents so proud of me cos everytime after church people would walk up to them, praising that their small blacky daughter and always asking "how old is she?"
Well that na small pikin time. As an adult I tell you being a blacky is not easy, when light skin is being flaunted everywhere?? when almost all the adverts on tv na fair babes dem dey use, almost all the babes in entertainment na fair babes, club nko? na dat side the thing pain me pass, if I no wear shine shine cloth and enough lip gloss for my mouth my bobo no go see me at all! Not to small thing oh!
That's why I respect dark women that make it in Naija's Entertainment Industry, the likes of Mo Abudu, Joke Silva , Kate Henshaw Nuttal, Funlola Aofiyiebi Raimi, and my heroine of all time, Genevieve Nnaji and all the many more dark women holding their side strongly in the game. I hear Genevieve was even denied a role when she was still upcoming simply because they needed a fair babe for the role,{ na gist oh i dont know how true it is} and I'm happy that dark skin is so selling in the modelling world, with the likes of Alec Wek and all those other dark skinned beauties doing their thing on the runway and making millions from being black {if only I was taller with broader shoulders, dreams dreams dreams}
In all I'm happy I get lovely catcalls everywhere I go, with names like 'my color' and 'black beauty' following me all about especially in market places. lol! So I really do appreciate this my ebony, i dont need expensive creams, i don't get sunburnt, my imperfections and scars that refuse to dissapear are perfectly hidden and above all my man is madly, crazily, uncontrollably going gaga about me so mmnnn what a happy happy world! Goodbye July see you next year!

P:S na the ebony black be dis,hope you likes..