Thursday, October 24, 2013

chooi!!! na wa ohhh!!! this blog!! you dey so????? what ever happened to you???? the zeal, the mojo, the excitement of scribbling down on a laptop??? what in heaven's name happened????
This is the 24th day of October 2013. 2013!!! and not even one teeny weeny post made it to this blog the whole of this year!! Its even a miracle that i still remembered the gmail password. na wa ohh.... and so many things to scribble about from the mind of Spontaneous Sue as usual, but the zest has reached ground zero, or should i say reached ground zero. Blame it on moving to a new continent and still trying to adapt after nine months (like my friend would say, pikin for don comot for bele by now) or blame it on dreams deferred and hopes bursting  like bubbles in the air. But bottom line remains the same... this blog was abandoned. But it will resurrect.. yes surely it will... Let Spontaneous Sue just get a bit afloat on this murky side of the river,just a little bit more to the river bend where its all calm and quiet.
I promise to holla later  y'all... i'm out. ( at least 2013 didn't just pass this blog by like that!!)