Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

this precious gift called life

16th june,2011.
noticed some strange rumblings and pains .

10th july,2011.
headaches and pains intensified.

18th july,2011.
hospital, prepped up for cholecystectomy (big word, removal of stones in bladder)

22nd july, 2011.
had the surgery done and stupid stones pulled out.

26th july,2011.
home sweet home. stooped,hunched,slouched and sad.

0ne week after surgery.
still slouched but smiling....and blogging.

This precious gift called life.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Whistling away....

...whilst the evening breeze whistled,
...and the whistling pines whistled,
...all I craved was a whistling whistle whistle away my wrinkles,
...and all of Life's ripples.

.....miniquotes have to want to do it. it isn't going to be easy. if you are rowing, you couldn't cross the ocean in one day. so stick with it and keep going...

......put God first,listen to your parents,cut off all negative friends. you've got to sacrifice,learn from others' mistakes and find yourself a positive mentor. and never give up....

......continue to pursue your dreams, and trust God to guide you..... is not a walk in the park, but if you can focus on the positives in your life versus the negative,great things will happen....

.......when we worry about tomorrow, we block today's sunshine with tomorrow's cloud.....