Monday, March 14, 2011

PortHarcourt Rocks!!

So I actually have nothing to blog about,but i will blog.i must blog.i shant not blog!! Haba!! what happened to the zeal, drive, and as some would say mojo??? Last I checked it was January and already its March..... and i really didnt drop by????? SMH at myself.
Recently i took a very short vac and visited the city i grew up in. The almighty PortHarcourt City. Everything had!!!
I couldnt recognise any of the streets, modern and state of the art buildings were everywhere, i passed elelenwo street twice and had no inkling i was on elelenwo street, i couldnt find Figaro, Barracuda, or even the very popular Tobyjug..........
Ooops duty calls, and once more i have to say goodbye to my laptop.. oh the life of a blogger.{na who send me?} I'd complete this gist later. I promise. One love y'all!!