Monday, December 3, 2012

2012, the year the waters got angry...

An incident that happened this year and that will not be forgotten so soon in the nearest future will be the raging, angry waters of 2012. I call it The Year The Waters Got Angry. Whatever happened to the world nobody knows,only God, but the waters got mad and they came, with all ferocity..and submerged everything along her path. Homes,farmlands, cars,bridges, cementaries, churches.. water no look person face at all.

Not wanting to be told, i travelled downsouth, to my state, which was badly hit by the disaster to see and experience it firsthand, so that when i'm telling my children it would be first hand information, not dem say.

I was able to get some pics from my not so good camera and here are a few of them, some shots of my family home which was also badly hit ,and others  ...  all  raw from an amateur's cam..

Hello my blog!!!

Jee weez!! 2012 is almost done and i didn't put up a post here.... haba!!! sue.... well those days of incessant blogging are gone, blame it on twitter, bbm, instagram and what have you. So many ways of posting and sharing on the internet these days that even the simple sms seems to be going extinct, talk more of blogging.

Well life's been great so far,i finally got my promotion {whoo whee!!},got a new boss, who is friendly, down to earth and very very understanding...{ unlike the former}

I still haven't gotten my SonyA360. {still on my to do list} and still haven't got my dream car..the  Pontiac Torrent 2011... ,but at least  i got my McDreamy slash Steamy slash Hunky.. and we got it going good.... hehehehehe... abeg oh!!!

Anywhooosss, just stopped by to say aloha, and thanking all those that have been faithful and patient with me, and to dust some cobwebs off this space. The real dusting will be done next year though , a thorough dusting and mopping and refurbishing of Sue's Cuppa till then, be good y'all

and a very merry christmas  everyone!!