Thursday, June 30, 2011

and planking comes to Nigeria.

As usual, there's nothing that doesn't get to this great country of ours!! finally planking is here!
Honestly, the first time I saw the word planking was in a tweet from don jazzy, and then I saw it again and again on other people's tweets, before the pictures came flooding.
Planking is a game where you lie straight, face downwards and arms straight by the side, actually imitating a plank, and someone has to take a picture of you and post to the internet.
Its been on the news, CNN, SKY and other international magazines, since most times it results to the lose of lives as people compete to plank in the weirdest, bizarre and most times dangerous of locations.
Hmmnnn.... and this silliness if I may say so has found its way to Naija, although it came late, cos it started in 1997, and first became popular in Britain, before it began spreading to other parts of the world, but its here, and trust us,we're on fire!!
Pictures and more pictures and more more pictures of naijas planking on way too funny locations are flooding the internet, and here's a pic of my favourite so far...
Hehe.. what can I say?? I love my country..