Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Super Eagles,they went, they saw, but they conquered not.

Today's the last day in June and i cant believe i didnt blog all through the month of june.well i've been busy travelleing all around the country,to places where even a tv is a very big i couldnt blog or update anything .all i was a able to do was take lots n lots of amazing pics and once this server of mine gets faster i'd upload a few of the best shots i got. i got to see some matches of the on going world cup though and i can say for sure that our African footballers really embarrased us,especially my Nigerian brothers.What the crap!! they play wonderfully well at their clubsides but when its back home they do zeal,no excitement. Well i guess they pay them better at their clubsides or wetin i wan talk again?? Well at least they went, they saw, but they conquered not.Till another four years then my super eagles.una don try...

A view from a canoe

i took this pic on my way to a traditional wedding deep in the creeks of the niger delta.