Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just Updating...

Ok,so its been almost a week since i updated,but if you dey this line and you no wan plagiarise you go know say sometimes to pick up ur lappy and update sef na wahala,with all the palaver and troubles man pikin dey face for this our naija everyday,to come pick up lappy yarn sef dey tire person.
Tuesday was my birthday and i didnt even blog,i didnt celebrate and i didnt even open that red wine i've been saving since for the day.i hear you drink red wine at room's temperature but for naija most of us prefer the thing very chilled,after all that grooving who wan drink room temperature drink na? so me i love my red wine very cold and in the fridge all night long.Back to my birthday and the wine in the fridge
well i didnt celebrate cos all my peeps were far away and i cant dream of celebrating alone,so thats what happened and i nearly didnt take pics even but as i was coming home from work i remembered that all i took were phone pics so i quickly dashed into one studio and took some pictures just to remember the usual i was looking so lekpa ish but i liked!! will upload when i'm done transfering, meanwhile here are some pics i stashed somehweres on my lappy,from one of my numerous trips around.Enjoy...

from the south { a basin of fish freshly caught from the antlantic}

from the north { a yarinya hawking fura de nunu Lolz!}

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday babes...and please lets see the photos...i love pictures...Im yoruba but I always claim 9ja delta cos ive live in warri all my life! Keep writing oh...i dey like pidgin blogs...oh and visit my blog