Tuesday, July 20, 2010

friends for benefits

Some people never just learn to say no.... i dont wanna be friends with you....hello?????
Get it! when you come to see me i dont leave what i'm doing to talk to you! when you call my phone I don't take your calls.and you know why i dont wanna be friends with you? cos all you do when you come over is call your boyfriends and spend time chatting with them while your husband sits at home thinking you're with your friend. You dont come to see me cos you want to,you come to see me cos there's something up your sleeve,my crib is just the perfect alibi for your fun times like you call them.
Well nobody forced you to get married,nobody says you shouldnt make the best out of your marriage.Nobody says cheating on your husband is the best escape from problems at home.
Point is why are so many many married women these days having extra marital affairs,and also publicly flaunting it? gone are the days when it was just the men that have exrta marital affairs, gone are those days when it was just a man's world,today most women are boldly having affairs and openly flaunting it,or what else would you call it when a well known married woman walks out of a hotel at an ungodly hour laughing and giggling girlishly with a man who's not her husband by her side??
What's my take in all of this? a woman should never never never ever cheat on her man no matter his crime.We are demi goddesses, we create and carry beings in us for nine months,we give life and nuture them,we replenish the earth.We should keep ourselves holy and hallow, and not to be influenced by society and all its norms and vices.Well that's just my own point,it will be good for some and bad for some.
Anyhu just some pics from the south depicting our rainy days, enjoy...

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