Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome 2011!!!

Happy new year folks!
So 2011 is here and just yesterday it was 2010. wow, how time flies! Last year was a beehive of activities in our own dear country Nigeria, and for those living in diaspora and not wanting to come back home, believe u me, its not all about kidnaps, power outage, corruption and all. Our country also boasts of beautiful landscapes, friendly neighbours, colourful traditions and festivals,diverse mouth watering dishes and lots lots more.
I have in my collection sights and sounds from last year of which i am about to gleefully share, some are eye popping while some are downright hilarious.Enjoy
and btw, i promise to spend more time posting more pics about naija and slack less. *wide grin*

the Nigeria@50 celebrations

president jonah was blessed last year by daddy g.o

and the sad deaths, the just blooming Dagrin

and the late mr. president

the famous 'yakubu miss' at the 2010 world cup

to the 'i wanna have nicki minaj's look by force' trended last year. hehehe


  1. happy new year..its been a while..loll the pictures are lovely...
    and yes nigeria is not all about corruption and all the bas stuff, we do have fun in here to.....

  2. hals phiri and thanx for droppyn by....