Monday, January 10, 2011

fashion 'pouts' et al

Today I want to talk about ''The Pout''.
Maybe it's a fashion trend, maybe it's not but one thing I know for sure is this: girls of nowadays pose in pics like they just got stung on the lips by tse tse fly!! and I hear this latest trend has a name ''The Pout''. Hia!! nothyn we no go see for dis our generation!!
So, back to the gist, I noticed this trend when I first got a blackberry, I noticed that almost all the female display pics on my chat list had one thing in common, the girls pushed out their lips before their pics were taken.It didnt strike me as odd at first , not until this day when this particular babe changed her display pics about six different times, and in all of the pictures she posed as if her lips just got stung. And that was when it hit me. Something was happening here.
So I began paying more attention and realised that it was indeed a reigning sontin...Gone are those days of the macleans smile that won you awards!! Out with the smiles and in with the pouts!!.
So please I am asking ohh... why do so so many girls make those duck faces in pictures? What do guys think when girls pout in pictures? What's just up with the pouty pics these days??? and its not just with the younger women, its with all class of women, fashionistas, school gals, working class girls, etcetera.
Well ride on babes. It's just something I noticed and decided to make some noise about it ,If anybody knows the answers to those questions I put up please don't fail to hit up the space.
Below are some pics of 'The Pout''. hope you likes.....*winks*