Saturday, January 8, 2011

...And the winner is..

So yesterday I was having a serious conversation with my 14 year old nephew concerning his addiction to facebook, and his phone kept on beeping and interrupting. When I couldn't stand the interruptions any more I shouted '' Junior!! what's going on with your fone?? it's not even a blackberry but it beeps more than one!! and he goes ''sis, u haven't heard of 2go?? it's what those of us that cannot buy a blackberry use to feel among na, all my friends in class are on 2go'', and he goes on to tell me all about the free mobile messenger chat known as 2go, how it makes him and his peers feel like they were using the blackberry chat and 'pinging' each other. Hmn! Na Wa!!
How do these children manage to keep up with their school work?? with so so much distractions everywhwere!! Facebook! Twitter! Blackberry! Naija Music! and the latest one i just heard 2go!! ( I hear just as you crave for more followers on twitter that's how you crave to have more stars on the 2go, the more stars you have the more popular you become. wahala! )
What ever happened to homeworks and assignments and reading groups?? Today all a J.S 2 student has on his or her mind is to make sure that they 'belong', to make sure that they are never caught without their 'swagger' and to make sure that they are always on 'point'.
What are our parents doing?? ( I am not yet one so maybe I shouldn't be judgemental) how can a boy of 13 years bring his trousers down almost to his knees and on his head is the mohawk or the 'galala' haircut as we call it down south,begging his mum to buy him the 'geek' glasses??
Well can I blame them? I really do not know what's happening but this new wave is really taking over the whole world and trust Naija our teens are proving they cannot be left behind. But even the bible says too much of honey is not good, we should please discourage our teenage brothers and sisters still in secondary schools to face their studies and spend less time commenting and posting pictures on facebook, following all the celebrities on twitter and hustling for more stars on 2go. ( I tried downloading the 2go software to my blackberry but its not applicable . Na wetin? u wan shout?? na today I finish secondary school??) Peace y'all...

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