Tuesday, September 7, 2010

morning thoughts

Just got up now and decided to put up a post. Actually there's nothing on my mind just the simple fact that its good to be alive, just another day, just another reason for me to look up and give thanks to my creator up there, the Lord God that sits in the heavens and makes the earth His footstool,the Lord that sits up there and watch over my affairs smiles and shakes His head cos He knows the plans He has for me are plans of good and not of evil, plans to bring me to all my expectations through Christ Jesus. Yeah I'm happy to be alive, what with all these buildings collapsing left right and center, with all these strange sicknesses knocking on people's doors and taking them to hospitals,I'm alive. With poverty so far from my doorstep when all around me is the strong stench of poverty,when hundreds of people queue up everyday at bus stations waiting for buses,with thousands of graduates roaming the steets in search of jobs but finding none,and here am I updating a blog comfortably on my bed by 6:15am and I shouldn't give a super duper thanks to God??? You dive rock!!!!
Baba God I thank you!!! Baba I say THANK YOU. Eshe baba, Nagode allah!! Chineke Imeala!! Aziba Aloa ohhhh!!! Thank you Dear Lord and may your great name be praised by Your creations for ever and ever and ever. Amen!!!. Thank you Dear Lord....

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  1. Hi I like et praise to God. for the fact that we are alive we just have to continue thanking him