Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My own Nigerian film

I want to blog about something that happened recently to me, and I swore I was going to blog about it,damning the consequences.I want to say in all honesty that whenever I heard about sexual molestation by lecturers and all sorts to girls, I always attributed them to home videos and jokingly discarded them as people's imaginations.That was until I became the one in the home video.
I got a new job and was elated about the new prospects and challenges I'd be facing, went shopping for new work clothes, shoes, accessories just to step up the swag and impress new colleagues and bosses, not knowing that I was looking for better trouble and forgetting that in Naija being a fine young and single chick spelt trouble!!!
First day at work, my new Boss quickly summons me and gives me my job schedules and assignments and lands the bombshell as I was leaving the office, '' You're a fine girl oh' . Hewuuu!!! I gave him my most naivest-small-pikin-smile, looked down and answered ''thank you sir'' and ran out of the office!!
Got home, got on the phone, called my friends ,and gave them gist,and some of them advised I better start wearing a fake engagement ring to the office.You can imagine!!!
I continue going to the office without any ring whatsoever, and kept on dodging and playing kpankpangolo with my new oga till yesterday when we were caught in a lift together . That was the closest in my life I had ever gotten to receiving unwanted sexual gestures from the opposite sex.
I won sha sha and stated bluntly to him that i was not interested in going to bed with him, and besides I was getting married soon, and this 50 something year old man had the nerve to tell me nothing was wrong with that because he was also married with children!! Beat that!!
Baba stil summoned me to his office and that was when real drama started. Before I knew what was happening this daddy was on his knees begging and pleading and ranting about how much he loves me, how he'll buy me the latest blackberry phone, how he'll take me to all the shengen countries, how he'll hand over the official car to me, how he'll help me get lands and government contracts, still kneeling oh!! Kai!
I couldnt even talk, I was just so disgusted with the whole scene,that I did the first thing I thought of,which was to start crying and run out of the office.I've not gone back since yesterday and my fones are all off.
So thats my story, thank God I didn't quit my old job, I just took my annual leave, so the home video does have a happy ending.
Everyone is of a different opinion, but well human beings are all different, the way I handled it would not be the same way another chick would handle the situation.But in all I'm happy I handled it my way, which is never to set foot in that building again, make dem go with their shine shine buildings and plenty salary. My small 8520 fone wey i dey use do me.... Nonsense!!

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  1. Your story just makes me understand what a lot of single girls go through at work. Thumbs up to you, you did the right thing. keep it up.