Monday, August 16, 2010

blackerries,crackberries,swankberries and the pinging fever.

Ok. So after all my shakara and nyanga and demo, and Proud Of Not Owning A Blackberry status I post all the time , I finally joined the swankberrys league. Shame on you Zhaanna!!! shame on you. No be you say bla bla bla blackberry dis blackberry dat, now you too haf finally bowed to the beautiful ever glowing ever worshipped rim goddess known as the bb.
Well really twas not my fault,because where I come from, it is a taboo to reject a gift, and so when a glowing glistening, dark toy was handed over to me {courtesy my boss} who was I to say no???
So the pinging fever has finally caught up with me,and honestly I won't say I'm complaining but most days I feel like just turning off all connections and just have me some little silence.
So the plan is once my digicam recovers from its broken screen sickness,i'll hit the streets and do a proper research on blackberrys, the latest versions,the purewater versions{you can imagine!!} the pimped out versions, the bold statements version and everything I can lay my hand on....
Btw...Miss my cam so much....

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