Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nigerian's 11th year of uninterrupted democracy rule

Today is the 29th of may,the day we celebrate the return of democracy to Nigeria and this year is special cos its the 11th year and our young democracy is still on,growing slowly but with the zeal and will to grow,i think she has some ailments cos she's taking so slow to grow but don't misquote me she is growing.... amidst poverty amidst poor governance,amidst more than 521 different languages,Afeniferes,MEND,MOSOP,MASSOB,Boko Harams,OPC boys Bakassi Boys,amidst so many sects and groups,she still stays afloat,defying them all and daring them to do their worst!
She is here to stay, she is here to damn all them non african leaders and some as well saying we should divide along religious lines or among ethic lines.Na Lie!Urhobo soldier go everly climb up to kafanchan go see one hot yarinya for there marry am sharp sharp!,egbira woman go everly come down to rumukurushi to come sell fish see one hot looking ikwerre bobo tanda there. Na Lie!! we no go break or scatter. Our uniqueness is in our diversity, in our ability to travel 10,11,12,20 to 24 hours away from home{try travelling from Yenegoa to Maiduguri} and still feel welcome and loved in that little town far away from home and start a trade comfortably.That's our uniqueness.
So in my own little way I celebrate with my country pledging to be faithful,loyal and honest,to serve her with all my strength, to defend her unity,and uphold her honor and help me God.{just rephrased our National pledge! lol!!}
Happy democracy Day Naija...

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