Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 i have nevers...

hmn...i really am enjoying this my trip to eko.i have never visited the island before so i'm still soaking up all the beauties and intrigues it has to offer.Now i'm truly learning to appreciate all the hullabaloo{hope i got the spelling right} about the city Lagos.oooohh the endless beaches are a must see for everyone and lucky me my vacation home is just right in front of the bar beach!! talk of staring endlessly at the ocean!! with all them lined up vessels beaming their lights and beckoning to you to watch them all night and all them fanatics,and almost crazy people roaming and praying and rolling on the sands over and over again in the day time.Its frightening you know,seeing your fellow men and women and even coppers {yes i saw a copper too} do all that and i wonder what sort of problems life must have dolled out to them to make them go such lengths. na wa oh Life....
Everyday morning what i feel like doing is sit and watch the Atlantic Ocean,and of course my lappy right where it was made to be,on my laps and type away....
My thoughts this morning were on ten things i realized i have never done but with every intent of doing.

1. I have never been on a ship

2. I have never sailed on a yacht

3. I have never been to a beach { i must go to kuramo and tarkwa and lekki and all them beaches i used to hear as a kid}
4. I have never flown for seven hours straight. {Ok so i never jand before Na crime?}

5. I have never plucked a chicken

6. I have never sang in a choir

7. I have never driven a 4wheel drive

8. I have never been on a reality show

9. I have never designed a website

10. I have never seen 2face perform Live but

10+ i have danced with the kokomaster Dbanj live!!

So there you have it 10 things i'm yet to try out,courtsey watching the ocean and its waves and its guests....Enjoy!

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