Monday, May 24, 2010

Timaya and Bayelsa State.

Gist around town has it that if not for egberi-papa1 himself,Timaya repping the state,Bayelsa State wouldn't have been widely known in Nigeria. True????
Well for me that is a big LIE!!! maybe for the uneducated yes but to say that timaya is the major reason bayelsa came into limelight in Nigeria is a big LIE.
and na for public transport naim dis gist dey happen so.Me i just kept quiet and listened to all their ramblings because if i had opened my mouth in that bus,na another thing for happen.
First of,Bayelsa state was created out of Rivers state by the late President Sanni Abacha in 1996. It was created at the same time as was Ekiti, Ebonyi, Gombe, Nassarawa and Zamfara States.The name itself is an acronym of Brass,YEnagoa and SAgbama local government areas,and its headquarters is at Yenagoa{an hour thirty minutes drive from Portharcourt }.
Yes most of our communities are completely surrounded by water and are inaccessible by road,but not everywhere is covered by water as some people claim.Major cities like Kaima,Ogbia town, Yenagoa,Amassoma are all accessible by road and are flooded with hausas, ibos, and yorubas just like every other major city in our country.
So it really baffles me that even in nysc camps you come across young Nigerians that have never heard of Bayelsa and ask you stupid questions like "is it in Anambra?
" lol!
We are Ijaws and our major language is Izon,but there is also the Epie language,the Izon language which Timaya speaks,the Ogbia language which I speak and which F.Y.I, Our great President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan speaks{ yes he is from Bayelsa State and yes he is from the Ogbia speaking part,} and there is also the Nembe language which is the language of the current Governor. But English is the general language and we love to break the pidgin well well well
Aah Bayelsa! We Love groove!! we no dey carry last for grooving at all at all and we gat the dough! We dun buy no drinks at the bar we pop champagne cos we gat that dough, lemme hear ye say ah ah ah!.But thats the truth man.
Well what more, we are majorly Christians, but we still uphold the traditions of our fathers and we are good to strangers and non indegenes.
So please peoples Bayelsa state has been existing way way long before Timaya and we are not all about militancy and all that negativity.come down to the south for a visit and you'll b glad you did.

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