Sunday, August 14, 2011

now about Absalom's hair...

if all we do is feed our flesh and forget about feeding our spirits and our inner being, then we should not be shocked or unhappy or surprised when the repercussions come visiting, because definitely they will come. This life is not all about eating and drinking and making merry, there is another side also, the spirit, or soul or our consciousness. Why am I being this philosophical???? go spend five hours in a typical naija general hospital and you'll see why i'm sounding so spiro spiro and all. I just got home from one such, and I tell you, this life is not all we make it to be.
Today I was blessed to watch TBN which I hardly do, and the pastor was using Absalom as an illustration to teach about sin and its consequences, the oh so handsome, buttered, looking son of King David. Bible describes him as good looking, from his head to his feet, no one spot or blemish, or dirty or yeye mark on his skin according to the writer of the book of Samuel ... hehe and then his famous hair, which was cut only once a year. THE GUY WAS FINE!! see hair!!! long and thick and flowing with shinning skin on top again! kai!! Bible says whenever he cut his hair which was at the end of the year, he would weigh it!! u can imagine that. I'm sure if it was today Absalom would have made a fortune selling his hair, i can just imagine two Island chicks bantering over which hair to buy in a shop...
''Me its carribean hair i want to buy, aunty funmi's hair is no longer in vogue,''... and the second girl will go...
''Babe its Absalom hair i wannna buy, 20 inches, its shiny and thick and full, not like peruvian at all...'' Hehehe, not to small thing.
So in all of Fine boy Abby's good looks and rich background, and too much money,Fine boy Abby had pride and hatred and big eye, which finally led to his death, and what helped in killing him?? his famous hair. How Ironical.
Absalom was escaping on a horse from his father's soldiers, and without realising it he ran right under a tree forgetting that he had not cut his hair that year and bham!! it happened.His long hair got caught in the leaves and branches, while the horse continued galloping away at full speed leaving its rider dangling from a tree like a doll on a broken swing. Hmn what a sight.
Moral of this gist?? Sin. Sin and again I say Sin. When that little nagging voice in our mind tell us that what we just did is wrong, that is sin. Sin leads to death its as easy as that, one little sin if not checked and stopped, will just keep on growing and growing and getting bigger till eventually it will kill us. It will give us pleasure no doubt and look all glamorous and okish and allrightish, but eventally, its real colors will show. God help us all in Jesus' name. Amen.
So poor Fine Boy Abby died a bad death and where I come from he wouldn't have been buried, because his death was a bad one. He just died like that, leaving his three handsome sons and a very beautiful daughter behind to mourn him. I pity for him sha, but what can i say?? I learnt a lesson from his mistake. May we learn from other people's mistakes and pray that terrible things do not happen to us for other people to learn lessons from.

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