Saturday, April 9, 2011

Portharcourt things....where will u press ya hand??

Good morning folks
So everyone is outside casting their votes and I'm inside updating my blog. Last i checked ,i promised to update on my trip to portharcourt, and like i was saying that town has really changed for the better.
First of let me give a big kudos to Governor Rotimi Amaechi to whom this feat is attributed to. Driving down nta mgbuoba road like some two years ago and you'll regret what brought you to portharcourt. The dirt and mud and sunk cars will literally send shivers down your spine. It was really that bad. But that's no more, instead now there are dualised roads with little green trees in the middle. Trees!! hehe, talk of trying to be abuja overnight!
Then I was saying I couldn't recognise elelenwo street on new g.r.a. There used to be this very famous video club, Thrills, that we all wanted to rent movies from and ''feel among''. I asked and was told that Thrills Video Club had long disappeared. In short everything had disappeared, to be replaced with newer correct and up to date buildings that will also soon disappear. That's life.
Moral behind the story: Nothing is permanent, but change is constant ..... live your life, make someone happy, Smile a lot, Do the best you can and fret not for what's not within your reach.Because at the end of the day it will all pass away, to be replaced again, and again, and again. That's the circle called life....
Sooo... in the meantitme y'all dont forget to go out and press ya hand on the umblerra, cos broom and corn wont save you on that rainy day.....*winks*
One love ...

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